Sunday, May 6, 2007


Juli! Thanks so much for setting this up. This is way too cool for words I gotta tell you. My family more than me is always telling me when I am wrapping up someone's package, you mean you didn't make that for us? or you? or the house? or whatever fits?!?!

So this is right up my alley!

I have already picked out a pattern - I have been OOGLING it for ages, and what is funny is that I have shown this pattern to so many different swap partners just HOPING they would say, yeah KnicKnac, make that for me ... just so that I could make it and see how it looks in person. Well, I am going to make it for me!!!

Here ya go!

Creole Purse

So I guess my first thing to do is order the yarn and the handle, because quite frankly, I want it to look exactly like that!



Juli said...

That purse pattern is soooo cool!!! Where are you going to order the handles and yarn??

KnicKnac said...

Well, I can get the yarn from here at a LYS, but the handle I am getting from the M&J Trimming that they list in the pattern.