Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I'm still trying to dig out from underneath items for swaps before I can start a project for me......I am wildly knitting to get everything sent out so that I can get started on a lace project for myself. Hopefully by the end of the week, I will have everything done.

Almost done.....one scarf to go and a couple dishcloths to go. Maybe by this weekend I will be good to go on something for me. :)

Sunday, May 20, 2007

My Project

I've decided to sew a roll for my knitting things. I haven't sewn in a very, very long time. I've decided to just try and make up the pattern as I go. I just wasn't able to find anything online that didn't look too difficult for my limited sewing skills. This should be interesting.

Friday, May 18, 2007


This is my first post to the unswap blog. I'm glad to be a part of this. I will post in my blog tomorrow what I am working on and why. Thanks for coming up with this. :)

The Gold Dust Shawl

I finally did it! I cast on a project just for me! I call it the Gold Dust Shawl because it is knit with Wool in the Woods Gold Dust Lottery colorway in purple/pinks.

The yarn started off a bit tricky but after finally settling on a pattern I like and getting comfortable with the needles, it has been going pretty well and I have the pattern pretty much memorized already.

My one "me" sticking point is going to be when I go to block it because I really don't have a place to block her at my home without one of my children interrupting its rest. So I will most likely have to do it at my Mom's house and therefore she might get stolen by Mom. I am open to sharing with Mom but, I am not gifting her to Mom. This is supposed to be for me.

Friday, May 11, 2007

The Best Idea!!!

This is the BEST idea ever for me! I don't think I have ever made anything for myself that hasn't been swiped by my Mom or my daughters (they are 4 and 6 btw)

I had actually decided already to make a One Skein Shawl (I selected different yarn because of a wool allergy) just for myself. My Mom says she is stealing it but, I don't think so!! The needles I needed just arrived today so, all I need to do is finish off a project for my 6 year old and I should be good to go, I think.

I know at some point it will get pushed aside so a little while but, it is just for me so I plan on keeping on working on it and this blog is going to help me do just that!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


I can't decide what to make first....lol

Trying to decide between this:


or an oversized one of these:


or maybe even one of these.....


or even this....


I'm going to make up my mind tonight and pick out yarn! :)

Best Swap Idea Ever!

OK, I think this is great...although I love, love, love spoiling others...it will be very nice to pick something to create for ....me. :) Details on what I choose are to follow in the next few days...could it be a felted bag? pair of socks? not sure yet...but I'll let you know! :)

Sunday, May 6, 2007

This will be so much fun!

I just ordered a couple of pattern books this week so when they come in I'll pick a "me" project and let you know.... This is such a great idea!!


Juli! Thanks so much for setting this up. This is way too cool for words I gotta tell you. My family more than me is always telling me when I am wrapping up someone's package, you mean you didn't make that for us? or you? or the house? or whatever fits?!?!

So this is right up my alley!

I have already picked out a pattern - I have been OOGLING it for ages, and what is funny is that I have shown this pattern to so many different swap partners just HOPING they would say, yeah KnicKnac, make that for me ... just so that I could make it and see how it looks in person. Well, I am going to make it for me!!!

Here ya go!

Creole Purse

So I guess my first thing to do is order the yarn and the handle, because quite frankly, I want it to look exactly like that!


The basics!!

Here's the 411.....
As knitters and crocheters (or any crafts!), we all have project ideas that we'd love for ourselves.....but we never quite seem to find time to make them. "Oh, once I'm done with this purse for xxxx, I'm going to make those socks in that yarn I love....'' And, it never happens. Or, how many purses have you felted, but you've been using the same bag for 2 years yourself. Or how many times have you found a yarn you absolutely love.....and you buy several skeins of it, only to send it to someone else.
This swap, or Un-swap actually, is an excuse to FINALLY get around to projects that you want to make for yourself! There is no deadline, no pressure, no minimum requirements, no postage costs, no waiting in post office lines.....and no buying fancy yarn and spending hours making something gorgeous just to put it in a box and ship it off to someone else.....
This project's for YOU baby!!!
Pick out a project , or that special yarn you've been dying to try, or even the new needles/hooks/notions you've been eyeing......and work on something for yourself! Pamper yourself!!
The only requirement for this group is that you post to the blog regularly -- talk about what you're making, post pictures of the pattern, yarn, etc that you're using.......heck, share anything! Let us oooooh and ahhhhhh over it! :) You can also use the group for pattern questions, color suggestions, chit-chat about crafts or life in general....just have fun! And when you finish one project, feel free to start another one! :)
The only no-nos are: please no bad language.....use &*%$ instead. lol. And the usual politeness etiquette please. We all know how to behave. If you need to call someone an idiot for not liking alpaca.....please do so by email. :)
Hugs! Juli

Friday, May 4, 2007

The Un-Swap!!

Do you participate in a lot of crafting exchanges.....always making gorgeous things for others, but never quite getting around to making nice things for yourself??? Or do you always buy those fancy yarns to send out in swaps, but never splurge on yourself? And extra goodies.....lip gloss, handmade soaps, lotions, yarn, needles......how many boxes of really cool stuff have we sent out to others, but how many of us have actually pampered ourselves once in awhile??

Well......you ought to try the UNSWAP!!

In this exchange....you buy the neat yarn you've been eyeing, that one gorgeous pattern you've been thinking about, the needles/hooks you've been dying to try, the cool extra goodies......and you DONT SEND THEM TO ANYONE! You keep them yourself, share photos of your project and chit-chat about how much fun you're having.....and at the end, it's all YOURS baby! No postage. No late senders. No bad swappers. No stress.

All the fun -- and none of the calories....or...um.....problems, rather. :)

This group is about making friends and sharing about what you're making......and then, giving yourself the enjoyment of the finished product.

Sure.....it's really a KAL/CAL in diguise....but it feels more fun when it's called an "unswap.'' It's sort of like an Un-birthday!

As they sang in Alice in Wonderland (sort of) ..... A very merry unswap to you, to you.....a very merry unswap to you and you and you! :)

To join the Unswap, please email me at juliwyant [at] bellsouth [dot] net with the following information: Name, email address for group mail, blog address. You will be sent an invitation to join the swap blog so that you can post to the group site.

The first Un-swap is still in the planning stages.......as soon as we have a big enough group of members we start NOT swapping!! :)

This should be fun!