Friday, May 4, 2007

The Un-Swap!!

Do you participate in a lot of crafting exchanges.....always making gorgeous things for others, but never quite getting around to making nice things for yourself??? Or do you always buy those fancy yarns to send out in swaps, but never splurge on yourself? And extra goodies.....lip gloss, handmade soaps, lotions, yarn, many boxes of really cool stuff have we sent out to others, but how many of us have actually pampered ourselves once in awhile?? ought to try the UNSWAP!!

In this buy the neat yarn you've been eyeing, that one gorgeous pattern you've been thinking about, the needles/hooks you've been dying to try, the cool extra goodies......and you DONT SEND THEM TO ANYONE! You keep them yourself, share photos of your project and chit-chat about how much fun you're having.....and at the end, it's all YOURS baby! No postage. No late senders. No bad swappers. No stress.

All the fun -- and none of the, rather. :)

This group is about making friends and sharing about what you're making......and then, giving yourself the enjoyment of the finished product.'s really a KAL/CAL in diguise....but it feels more fun when it's called an "unswap.'' It's sort of like an Un-birthday!

As they sang in Alice in Wonderland (sort of) ..... A very merry unswap to you, to you.....a very merry unswap to you and you and you! :)

To join the Unswap, please email me at juliwyant [at] bellsouth [dot] net with the following information: Name, email address for group mail, blog address. You will be sent an invitation to join the swap blog so that you can post to the group site.

The first Un-swap is still in the planning soon as we have a big enough group of members we start NOT swapping!! :)

This should be fun!

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