Sunday, May 6, 2007

The basics!!

Here's the 411.....
As knitters and crocheters (or any crafts!), we all have project ideas that we'd love for ourselves.....but we never quite seem to find time to make them. "Oh, once I'm done with this purse for xxxx, I'm going to make those socks in that yarn I love....'' And, it never happens. Or, how many purses have you felted, but you've been using the same bag for 2 years yourself. Or how many times have you found a yarn you absolutely love.....and you buy several skeins of it, only to send it to someone else.
This swap, or Un-swap actually, is an excuse to FINALLY get around to projects that you want to make for yourself! There is no deadline, no pressure, no minimum requirements, no postage costs, no waiting in post office lines.....and no buying fancy yarn and spending hours making something gorgeous just to put it in a box and ship it off to someone else.....
This project's for YOU baby!!!
Pick out a project , or that special yarn you've been dying to try, or even the new needles/hooks/notions you've been eyeing......and work on something for yourself! Pamper yourself!!
The only requirement for this group is that you post to the blog regularly -- talk about what you're making, post pictures of the pattern, yarn, etc that you're using.......heck, share anything! Let us oooooh and ahhhhhh over it! :) You can also use the group for pattern questions, color suggestions, chit-chat about crafts or life in general....just have fun! And when you finish one project, feel free to start another one! :)
The only no-nos are: please no bad language.....use &*%$ instead. lol. And the usual politeness etiquette please. We all know how to behave. If you need to call someone an idiot for not liking alpaca.....please do so by email. :)
Hugs! Juli

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