Friday, May 18, 2007

The Gold Dust Shawl

I finally did it! I cast on a project just for me! I call it the Gold Dust Shawl because it is knit with Wool in the Woods Gold Dust Lottery colorway in purple/pinks.

The yarn started off a bit tricky but after finally settling on a pattern I like and getting comfortable with the needles, it has been going pretty well and I have the pattern pretty much memorized already.

My one "me" sticking point is going to be when I go to block it because I really don't have a place to block her at my home without one of my children interrupting its rest. So I will most likely have to do it at my Mom's house and therefore she might get stolen by Mom. I am open to sharing with Mom but, I am not gifting her to Mom. This is supposed to be for me.


Nicky said...

I love the colors. Very pretty. :)

Juli said...

Pretty yarn!!! :)

KnicKnac said...

Oh that color is simply GORGEOUS! She is going to be beautiful! Thanks for sharing the picture!